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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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but first... we know so many of you are focused on tomorrow morning's snow -- and how it ll impact your drive to work. it's a nine first warning weather alert day. and we want to get right to steve... who has the timing of when we can expect the snow. spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around
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as steve mentioned -- that snow is coming when cincinnati streets are going to be busy. busy.the city is working hard to make sure the snow won't last on the road.nine on your side's t-j parker is live... with the extra tool and manpowery they're using to fight the storm.
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works officials say- about 60 trucks will head out to begin pretreating thousands of miles of roads- making sure they're ready for the commute, tomorrow. cincinnati public work crews say they're responsile for three-thousand miles of city streets. crews will be doing 12 hour shifts. and because the pavement is so cold, they will be using a mixture of calcium chloride to treat falls. "it's very important and it gives you a foundation and something to start fighting the snow as soon as it falls down." public works tells me they will get all the roads cleared eventually, but if you have a problem spot in your neighborhood- to be sure to give them a call. reporting live, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. no matter where you live in the tri-state... you can take nine first warning weather with you.purchase the storm shield app for your apple or android get weather alerts on the go. a northern kentucky bengals
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11-year-old son recovering -- after taking a direct hit from a full beer can thrown in the stands at saturday's game! julie o'neill talked to the father -- who was some strong words for that fan. an interview you'll only see on nine on your side.julie? this young boy a huge bengals fan-- surprised the night before the game with tickets...he's still hurting today...and his dad is fuming. you want to talk about frustration. let me tell you frustration. clay hager of crittendon shares the story of his son's first trip to paul brown stadium saturday night. here's ethan smiling just before the call that turned things ugly... ugly... i mean there was a fight over here, the police were running over therethere was just total chaosthen hager gets a tap on his shoulder from steelers fans behind him. him. and they're telling me your son is hurt your son is hurt. well i look down on the
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bent over and holding his arm band and then i look down and i see the bud light 50th anniversary superbowl edition bottle. the lid was still on it- beer was spewing out the side of it. so whoever threw the beer can itself hadn't even cracked the lid open yet. it's like they paid 10 bucks it. and he took a direct hit immediately started hollering for the police. the police were climbing over chairs to get to me and ethan they stood us up and they escorted us out to the first aid station. ethan eventually wheeled out of the stadium to be checked out at children's hospital for what turned out to be a deep muscle bruise. bruise. it is very fortunate for the person i'm very very pleased that i did not see you do didn't take it out on the steelers. you didn't take it out on the bengals. you took it out on an 11-year-old kid. that was there to enjoy the game. game. it's heartbreaking really take your son to his first bengals game and this is the
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it. he would (smile) ethan's father hoping *he* can recover from this and hopefully bring his son back for a positive experience for his son next time. live at paul brown stadium, julie oneill 9 on your side. a big win in the battle over heroin in the can now get overdose drug "narcan" *without* a prescription!the over-the- counter approach has its critics...but nine on your side's scott wegener shows us one man who hopes it will help put his family back together. jose padilla knows what war is a soldier in the army reserves, he's done a tour of afghanistan.but now, he's preparing for a battle here at home. "yeah, my brother is still going through some hard
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he has."jose's only brother is addicted to heroin."thinking about it is very emotional." today, his warrior reflexes are kicking in.within the hour of hearing that community first pharmacy in hamilton was offering a drug that could save the life of someone overdosing on heroin, jose was in the lobby."you don't think it's going to happen to that relative of yours"the pharmacy has been approved to begin despensing narcan without a prescription to addicts and those close to them."our phone's been ringing today." pharmacy manager ashley hoehn says the goal is *not* just to keep an addict from dying."it is a great point to intercept someone and talk to them, because there's a chance that yeah, these people are never going to go to recovery service, don't know how to do it, are afraid to do it."they hope to break down those barriers to kicking the habit, insisting the life saving nasal inhaler--"is not a band aide to the situation."which is exactly what jose wants to hear, because he wants back the big brother he always looked up to."deep down, i
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person."scott wegener, nine on your side, hamilton. a kit of narcan will run you 80 dollars.but the pharmacy says many insurance providers will cover the cost.and for those who can't pay... the butler county mental health board is providing a five thousand dollar grant to help with the expense. cutting into crime...leaders say a plan to slow down shootings and robberies worked. nine on your side digs into the numbers -- and what the you. shooting for the record books...a tri-state teen brings a basketball game to a stop... with this basket.see what his teammates did to make sure that *sophomore* joined an elite club of athletes. finding a took mexico's best soldiers to capture el chapo.and on world news tonight -- new video of the intense shootout at the criminals heavily armed hideout. you're watching 9 on your side
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leaders are calling it a success....a law enforcement blitz to reduce violent crime across the city -- lowered shootings and robberies in cincinnati's most violent neighborhoods. the violent crime response team started in mid-october... and dismantled at the start of 2016.during that time -- officers recovered more than a- hundred guns -- made nearly 220 felony arrests -- and took
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the streets.shootings across the city in 2015 were the highest in years... but police think the targeting of 11 neighborhoods helped lower violence in those areas. and one head of the violent crime response team says there are *no* bad neighborhoods in cincinnati.w-c-p-o insiders can read why -- and see how the end of the c-r-t means city. the seat was filled by years for one man -- but tonight there's as new hamilton county commissioner. commissioner."i dennis j deters, i dennis j deters, do solemnly swear, do solemnly swear" swear"dennis deters took the oath of office today.he was appointed by the hamilton county g-o-p... after greg hartmann stepped's a move that lets deters take the seat without an election -- but deters says his appointment is about serving the people. "this is about service to me. i feel a calling to help this community to make this a better palce. it's though to
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strong leaders who know that doign the right thing takes priority" priority"deters will serve as commissioner for just under a year before his seat is up for election. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? it's the locker room players and reporters dread....when it's all happened today...we have it in sports. an amazing performance...(sot) "i just try to be a team player and give all the glory to god, you know.we'll introduce you to the local high school basketball sensation who now has something in common with lebron're watching
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right now -- high school basketball is a buzz with seniors trying to get noticed by colleges.and some are scoring machines. machines.but a local *sophomore* is standing out -- after his performance this weekend that brought a game to a halt.nine on your side's tony mirones watched it all unfold. nats of bandthe band of spirit rocked it out during homecoming in williamstown.and the home team tried to do the same. ((nats of crowd after miss))the crowd seemed a bit pensive with every miss.((nats of crowd after miss))here's the deal, number two, brennan stanley in the white, is only one point away from scoring his thousandth point.((nats)) and he keeps finding the open
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"well i didn't know and they all knew so."roger hardin/demons head coach"he was not aware of it, i think sometimes psychologically sometimes think if they need the eight points they start to press a little bit so there was a conspiracy behind the scenes."brennan stanley/demons that we wanted to put on a show tonight and that's what we came out to do."that show drove the crowd nuts because stanley kept being a team player.((nats))and dishing the ball off.((nats)) ((nats)) "he's a very unselfish ball player, actually i would like to see him put it up a little bit more."here's stanley on defense.he jumps the pass for the steal, and drives to the bucket.the sophomore nabbed 1,000 one give you an idea, how rare this is, labron james did it his sophomore year.brennan stanley/demons soph pt gaurd"i just try to be a team player and give all the glory to god, you know. my thousandth point, during a win and in front of great. just to see all the fans there an all of them holding the signs up, it just feels good."stanley lead all
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from behind the arcso what's next for stanley, 2-thousand points?brennan stanley/demons soph pt gaurd it would feel great to get there, but right now were just focused on winning and finishing out the season."the team finished with an 81 to 56 victory over trimble county.tony mirones, on your side, williamstown. weather summary: spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around
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very windy in the morning hours causing blowing snow and lower visibility at times. in all, it looks like another inch of snow will fall in the tri-state with more isolated
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it was a new low in so many ways. coaches s misbehaving.. in.....quesitonable calls... questionable clock management....and a team unable to control its emotions.. but i think this was also a new low for the fans. i don't remember them this destroyed since joe montana threw a winning pass to john taylor in super bowl just was so hard to take......emotions ranged from the highest highs to the lowest lows in a matter of seconds. here's how the players felt today. that's what players were doing today....getting their things together and heading to all part of the country.-and there's still a bad taste about all the stuff that happened in that game....especially the late
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bengals came unglued. the social media and the sports talk shows were filled with discussion about the bnegals today. a lot of it has to do with those final two eventful moments...and how the bengals team was out of control and the business of football
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signed six players to future contracts. jeff luc is a former uc bearct. the pros keep playing while the college football season comes to a close tonight. it's alabama agianst clemson in the national title game in arizona. and for us...we move onto basketball....xavier hosts depaul tomorrow night..and today chris mack had an update on freshman edmond sumner who was injured at the end of the year...he hasn't played since ((mack: he's getting very close. he has no signs when it comes to the protocol. he's gonna be in sooner rather than later.)) and now here's julie dolan with a look at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. steve's talking about it... snow is coming to the tri-state.and that has schools across the tri-state on alert.
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that's 9 on your side at six for this monday. monday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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